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The attorneys at Webb Sanders & Williams provide counsel to businesses and insurance carriers throughout Mississippi and the Southeast region of the United States. With attorneys also admitted to practice in Oklahoma and Tennessee, we are able to effectively represent our clients in a wide variety of venues.

Recent News

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New Texas Litigation Reform Bill Meant to Reduce Amount of Weather-related Litigation Between Insurance Companies and Beneficiaries

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Disaster Relief Act of 2017 Signed into Effect by President Trump

U.S. Supreme Court Consolidated Case Regarding Class Action Waivers in Employee Arbitration Agreements Begin

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SEC Announces It Fell Victim to a Data Breach in 2016

United States and European Union Sign Bilateral on Insurance Regulations

Florida Attorneys and Accomplices Arrested in Accident Solicitation Scheme

“Happy Wife, Happy Life” Doesn’t Keep Husband-Wife Business Owners from Discrimination Lawsuit by Employee Fired for Being “Too Cute”

5th Circuit Agrees Gas Station Insurer Has Paid Enough in Appraisal Awards

Medical Equipment Company Owner’s Fraud Conviction and Sentence Upheld by 5th Circuit Court of Appeals

5th Circuit Court of Appeals Decides The Arbitration Must Go On in WD-40 Case

Seventh Circuit Court of Appeals Says Multi-Month Medical Leave Not Reasonable Accommodation Under Americans with Disabilities Act

Former Tuscaloosa Police Officer Wins Breastfeeding Discrimination Suit Against City and P.D.

Seventh Circuit Court of Appeals Says Multi-Month Medical Leave Not Reasonable Accommodation Under Americans with Disabilities Act

Employers in Legal Medical Marijuana States Could Be Open to Discrimination Lawsuit for Drug-Free Workplace Rule Enforcement

Illinois Appellate Court’s Certification Reversal a Lesson to Employees in Class Action Off-the-Clock Cases

LA Lakers Foul Out with Ninth Circuit’s Decision in TCPA Suit

U.S. Court of Appeals Rejects Uber’s Bid for Arbitration

New Jersey Appellate Court Tosses Out Employee Arbitration Agreement

Second New York Appeals Court Says Home Health Employees are Entitled to 24 Hour Pay on Overnight Shift

Wrongful Termination Trial Begins for Former FedEx Whistleblower Employee

Employer in Mark of the Beast Trial Petitions Supreme Court

Google Faces Employment Bias Lawsuit from Former Female Employees

Ferris Wheel Owner Blames Injured Girl for Tennessee Fair Incident

Homeowner Insurer Asks Court if They Can “Duck” Out of Coverage for Water”fowl” Damages