The former owner of Florida-based public adjuster company, Nationwide Adjusters, LLC., Jorge Fausto Espinosa, Sr. has been sentenced to 20 years for intentionally setting fires and causing water damage to multiple homes in order to file false or fraudulent insurance claims. Espinosa, Sr. was charged with more than 28 counts of arson, along with a host of grand theft auto and insurance fraud charges. Read more.
Jamba Juice parent company, Whirl Colorado, LLC, has filed a suit against its insurer, Houston Casualty Insurance Co., for refusing coverage in a sexual assault suit brought against Jamba Juice by a former juvenile employee who alleged sexual assault by a former manager at a Colorado location. Whirl alleges Houston Casualty offered a “temporary defense coverage” to Whirl, but also implemented a series of “impermissible conditions and limitations” regarding defense.
Though the decision handed down by the First Circuit Court of Appeals in a case brought by a disabled Burger King employee may seem harsh, the First Circuit stands firm in the judgment because, as stated in court documents, “the law is the law.” After Burger King employee Victor Sepulveda-Vargas was traumatized from a late-night robbery at the restaurant, Sepulveda-Vargas was found to qualify as a disabled individual under the American Disabilities Act.
A recent report published by The Tennessean stated that 2016 and 2017 saw more construction worker deaths in the Nashville metro area than it had in 30 years. The number of random site inspections has also declined since 2008, according to the report. Read more on the story here.  
A bill proposed by Georgia lawmakers that would make unauthorized computer access unlawful has been vetoed by Georgia governor, Nathan Deal. The decision came after more than 50 cyber experts wrote the governor with urges to veto the bill due to potential unintended consequences. Learn more.  
A California jury recently awarded former Chipotle manager, Jeannette Ortiz, around $8 million in damages for wrongful termination.
Arbitration cases can be quite tricky, particularly when the case involves multiple defendants, some of whom were not signatories to the arbitration agreement, nor in existence at the time the agreement was made. Henry House and Linda Murrell filed suit against Green Tree Servicing and a number of other entities in related action. The Green Tree Parties filed a motion to compel arbitration, which was granted by the district court.
After a jury ruled in favor of defendant Tyson Foods in a 2016 disability claims case, plaintiff Vanity Benson and her attorney filed motions in early 2017 for a new trial, under the argument that the trial jury had not recognized evidence that could have proven her disability claims.
Florida-based insurer Main Street America group will soon merge with Wisconsin-based insurer, American Family group. The merger echos past mergers between American Family and two other insurance groups, The General and Homesite, that still operate as stand-alone brands. Main Street America will keep its brand name, but will now be able to offer broader product packages and promote geographical growth through the merger.
  The 5th Circuit Court of Appeals, handed down the attached decision in Grain Dealers v. Cooley, addressing obligations of an insurer to provide independent counsel.  We view this case as an expansion of the obligation that was created by the Moeller case. Under Cooley,  an insurer is required to provide independent counsel if it either defends claims under a reservation of rights or defends less than all claims without a reservation of rights.    
Louisiana property owners will not receive any payment for flood damages during Hurricane Katrina. Various Louisiana property owners alleged that poor maintenance and construction of the Mississippi River-Gulf Outlet channel was to blame for catastrophic flooding during the devastating 2005 hurricane. The U.S. Court of Federal Claims originally ruled in favor of the property owners, however the U.S.
In March 2018, the Fifth Circuit of Appeals vacated a consumer protection rule concerning retirement savings put in place by the Obama administration. The ruling leaves the Department of Labor with questions of what will happen next with the controversial fiduciary rule.
Employers can no longer use previous salaries to justify pay gaps between men and women holding similar positions. Aileen Rizo, a Fresno, CA math consultant, sued her employer after learning her male colleague who had less experience and education than Rizo, was receiving a higher salary simply because of what he was paid at a previous job.
Gold medal winner turned infamous cyclist Lance Armstrong agreed to pay $5 million to settle a whistleblower suit brought against him by the federal government. The lawsuit came after Armstrong’s televised confession to using performance-enhancing drugs to help him win seven Tour de France titles. Read more about the case.  
Wells Fargo will pay $1 billion in fines after admitting to allegations of insurance sales abuse. The company is accused of charging excessive fees to homeowner insurance policyholders, along with a number of other related allegations. Learn more about the well-known insurance company’s actions that likely affected millions.  
In October 2017, the district court presiding over western Texas ruled in favor of Southwest Airlines in a wrongful termination lawsuit brought by former employee, Tate Clark. Clark alleged the airline fired him for his absence due to chronic migraines despite the fact that he had FMLA in place because of his condition.
The Insurance Professionals of Jackson will host their 20th annual golf tournament to benefit the group's various community service projects on Thursday, April 26, 2018. Proceeds from the tournament will help support local organizations such as the Sunnybrook Children's Home and the Battered Families Shelter, along with a number of other community service foundations. Lunch will be served and hor d' oeuvres will be served during the awards ceremony. Registration starts at 11:30 with shotgun beginning at 1 p.m. If you are unable to attend, you can still donate to this wonderful cause.
The auto parts producer who supplied Uber’s self-driving vehicles with radars and cameras says the popular driving service company disabled safety features in their equipment that could have saved the life of a pedestrian struck by one of Uber’s self-driving Volvos. Aptiv, Plc.
After a 2-1 split decision determining the 2017 fiduciary rule was not consistent with the term’s historical meaning or with the legislative intent set by Congress when ERISA was enacted, the 5th Circuit Court of Appeals has vacated the “fiduciary advice rule” in its district. This decision is inconsistent with other related federal court cases, most of which upheld the fiduciary rule. Learn more. 
Gloria Armendariz sustained multiple injuries, including a fractured wrist and torn rotator cuff, after her foot became stuck in a pallet she says was misaligned at her local Walmart store. Armendariz claims the pallet was placed at an angle and made it nearly impossible to go through the aisle when the incident causing her injuries took place.