$4 Million Insurance Policy Beneficiary in Dispute Following Murder/Suicide

On April 26, Paul Reinhart attempted to change the beneficiaries on two life insurance policies of $2 million each to prevent his estranged wife, Minde Reinhart, from collecting any money upon his death. Later that week, on April 30, the insurance company sent Reinhart a letter saying it was unable to update the policies because of missing information. It’s unknown whether Reinhart received the letter before the couple’s two sons were murdered after which Reinhart set fire to the family vacation home, and committed suicide on May 4. He also updated his will on April 19 to prevent his wife from receiving any of his assets. 

When Mrs. Reinhart’s attorney requested the life insurance payout, Fidelity sent her two checks for just over $2 million each. Six weeks later, Reinhart’s brother Konrad Reinhart claimed to be the sole surviving beneficiary based on his brother’s updated will. Fidelity filed a lawsuit against both Mrs. Reinhart and Konrad Reinhart to have a judge decide the case. In the meantime, Mrs. Reinhart sued her estranged husband’s estate for $10 million dollars citing the “wrongful death of her sons.”

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