$42 Million Premises Liability Verdict Sends Message to Businesses in High Crime Areas

Another eight-figure verdict in a high-crime area of Georgia could impact safety decisions and insurability for businesses. In 2012, James Carmichael stopped at a CVS store in Atlanta. The parking lot of this CVS store had been the scene of numerous robberies and assaults, yet the company did not make any efforts to deter that crime. After Carmichael completed his transaction, an assailant jumped in his car, pulled a gun, and demanded money. Carmichael gave into the demands, then pulled his own gun, which jammed. He was shot by the assailant and continues to experience multiple health problems as a result. The $43 million premises liability verdict could force businesses in high crime areas to weigh the cost of increased security measures and cause some insurance carriers to consider whether to offer insurance policies in those areas.

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