Design Flaws and Sinking Land Among Possible Causes of Condominium Collapse Near Miami

Condominium Collapse Near Miami

On June 24, 2021, a 12-story condominium collapsed in the town of Surfside, Florida, located just minutes from Miami. As of July 8, 2021, sixty people have died as a result of the collapse and another 80 residents are still missing among the rubble. Although it could take months for a factual cause to be determined, experts are pointing to major design errors and sinking land beneath the condominium as possible reasons for the collapse. In 2018, an engineering consultant found “major structural damage” to the slab below the pool deck and “abundant” cracking and spalling of the concrete beams, columns, and walls in the garage under the tower. Documents submitted to the town of Surfside indicated plans for slab reinforcement and concrete and masonry repairs, however, those plans were not finalized until April 2021. The cost of the repairs totaled more than $9 million. Learn more about the possible causes of this devastating collapse here.