District Court Order Compelling Arbitration Over Cat Is Unappealable, Says Fifth Circuit Court of Appeals

Jane Doe sued Tonti Management Company, LLC (Tonti) which managed the apartment Doe and her boyfriend leased when they refused an accommodation to allow the couple to adopt a second cat. The apartment’s lease contains an animal addendum which allows one animal per apartment. According to Doe, the cat she and her boyfriend currently have, Luna, “does not have a warm personality.” Doe requested an accommodation to allow her to adopt a second cat to serve as an emotional support animal. The district court granted Tonti’s motion to compel arbitration in the case and denied Doe’s request to sever the cost-splitting provision of the arbitration. Doe filed a motion to reopen the case, which the district court denied. Doe appealed. The Fifth Circuit Court of Appeals dismissed the appeal for lack of jurisdiction. Read the full case here.