Fifth Circuit Certifies Question to Lousiana Supreme Court Concerning Firearm’s Manufacturer Liability

Louisiana Revised Statute § 9:2800.60(B) limits certain products liability claims against firearms manufacturers and sellers. Remington manufactured the firearm that accidentally discharged and injured Precious Seguin while hunting with her father. Seguin filed a claim that a faulty design caused the discharge. Remington argues that Louisiana Revised Statute § 9:2800.60(B) “shields the company from all product liability theories except for a manufacturing defect claim.” Seguin filed a design defect claim not a manufacturing defect claim. The district court offered two interpretations of Section 60(B) and granted summary judgment for Seguin. Remington appealed. The Fifth Circuit Court of Appeals certified this question to the Lousiana Supreme Court: Does § 9:2800.60(B) of the Louisiana Products Liability Act bar an individual, who is shot and injured by a third-party, from bringing a design defect claim under § 9:2800.56 against a firearm manufacturer or seller? Read the full case here.

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