Former Yazoo County, Mississippi, Assistant DA Loses Appeal to Receive Employee Benefits

Yazoo county, mississippi, assistant DA, employee benefits

A former Yazoo County assistant district attorney filed a suit against the county’s board of supervisors, the district attorney, PERS, and the PERS counsel and policy advisor under allegations that the assistant district attorney was denied the opportunity to receive PERS and local employment benefits. However, contract terms for part-time assistant district attorneys in Yazoo county state that these employees are not eligible for retirement, insurance, and other fringe benefits available for county employees. The plaintiff, former assistant district attorney Michael Rushing, argued that misclassification of his employment wrongfully excluded him from enrollment in PERS, the state’s retirement program for government employees. Rushing brought his case before a district court, who issued summary judgment in favor of the defendants. Rushing appealed this decision to the Fifth Circuit Court of Appeals. Learn why the appellate court upheld the district court’s summary judgment here.