Gov. Bryant Signs Landowner Protection Act

Landowners received some extra protections during the Mississippi Legislature’s 2019 session. The Landowner Protection Act, SB2901, limits the ability of an injured party to bring suit against a landowner or a manager/ operator of property for injuries caused by a third party unless the landowner or manager/operator of the property was actively engaged in activity which allowed the conduct of the third party to occur. It also allows a jury the ability to split fault between a person who commits an injurious act on business property and the business owner/ manager or operator under certain circumstances. Before the Governor signed this act, it was possible for an innocent landowner or business owner to bear joint liability for the criminal conduct committed on its property by a third party. The Act also sets forth additional provisions and limitations on civil actions. The Landowner Protection Act goes into effect on July 1, 2019. Read the entire act: