Low Credit Score Predicts Increased Auto Insurance Claims

Basing auto insurance premiums on low credit scores has raised complaints that the process unfairly penalizes people who have less access to credit, have experienced a life change that lowered their credit score or have been born into a low-income family. A white paper released in November points out that not only does a credit score predict someone’s chances of filing an auto claim, so does their marital status, education level, and occupation. Read more about the research plus find out who’s the most expensive to insure here. At Webb Sanders & Williams, we handle every aspect of insurance litigation under all types of policies and all types of coverage matters including analysis of the duty to defend and indemnify, bad faith claims, extra-contractual claims, and coverage, interpretation of policy language, in addition to the defense of both insurers and insured. If you need assistance regarding an insurance case contact our office.