My Mother Had Nothing on Honest Abe Nor Did He on Her -by Dan Webb

When I recently reviewed the photo of Abraham Lincoln on DRI’s recent announcement admonishing us all to “register early,” nostalgia flowed.   It reminded me that my mother often used to say “the early bird gets the worm.” Now that never made much of an impression on me.  Why would I want such a thing?  But, ahem! As the worm has turned and I am older now, I appreciate more what mom was trying to say to these young, however large, ears.  But for a baseball, football, etc. player, Abe’s word “hustle” makes a lot of sense.  I wonder now how well I would have done at the time,  if mother had echoed the words of a hundred athletic coaches who used that word, “hustle” “you gotta hustle” “if you want to play/win/get a date/be anything worthwhile,  you gotta hustle” to such great effect over the years when I was, it is alleged, growing up.   Sports imitating life, per the President’s observation, it seems.  Young people hear it now on the “pitch”, on the court (little “c”), in sales, in business and the many fields of sport.   Then there was the psychologist who once told me, “When it is time to perform, it is too late to prepare.”  I like that version of this sentiment too. My children all know just how much I like that one.  I am sure they have attempted to deprogram it inmany ways.  The synthesized moral, however, is truly uplifting:   If you hustle, you don’t have to prepare to eat a worm.   That seems good without reservation  and, overall, just as important as any other applied meaning