Neglect of Management to Review Timecard Results in $224K Defamation Award

Janice Williams worked for MMO Behavioral Health Systems, L.L.C. (MMO) for fourteen years with an unblemished work record. In 2015, Williams took an approved medical leave for bone spurs and plantar fasciitis. Williams claims upon her return to work management began to harass her. On July 5th, 2015, MMO accused Williams of falsifying her timecard and terminated her employment. A year later, Williams brought multiple suits against MMO including a defamation claim. A jury awarded Williams a total of $224,000 at trial. MMO appealed to the Fifth Circuit which reviewed the claim along with MMO’s defenses. At the heart of the case, MMO neglected to review Williams’s timecard after she claimed she did not falsify it. A thorough review would have revealed inconsistencies with Williams’s past behavior that indicates she did not clock herself in on July 5, 2015, nor was she party to having someone else clock her in on that day.