Policy Exclusion Protects Insurance Company from Liability of $3.3 Million Judgment

River Ventures, L.L.C. operated crew boat services for United Bulk Terminals Davant, L.L.C.(UBT) in Plaquemines Parish, Louisiana. UBT also contracted with Centaur, L.L.C. for a dock project. River Ventures provided crew boat services for the project although it did not have a contract with Centaur. As part of its contract with UBT, Centaur purchased multiple insurance policies which included both a Protection and Indemnity policy and an excess/umbrella policy. During the course of the project, a Centaur employee was seriously injured while working on a River Venture’s vessel. The employee filed a maritime personal injury suit against River Ventures and Centaur. River Ventures was found liable and satisfied the $3.3 million judgment. River Ventures then filed a third-party complaint against Centaur’s insurance policies. Centaur’s policy included an exclusion of any “employee of the Assured or any Additional Assured,” or simply “employee of any Assured.” The district court granted summary judgment for the insurance company, and the Fifth Circuit Court of Appeals affirmed that ruling based on Louisiana law.

Keep reading to learn more. https://www.ca5.uscourts.gov/opinions/unpub/21/21-30431.0.pdf