Professor Sues USM for Breach of Contract

In the fall of 2010, Dr. Scott Klingler was a tenured professor at the University of Southern Mississippi. After reading an online class chat transcript, where students spoke unkindly of him, Klingler allegedly made the following comment to a graduate assistant, “I have never shot a student and what that girl said does not bother me, but I think about it and I think about it a lot.”  He was then placed on administrative leave and ultimately his contract was not renewed. Klingler filed suit against USM, Dr. Martha Saunders (the President of USM), and Dr. Robert Lyman (the Provost of USM) alleging that his comments were misinterpreted and he was wrongly terminated.

In an appeal, the Fifth Circuit ruled in favor of USM, Saunder and Lyman on all Klinger claims. Read more about the multiple claims filed and why the court ruled in favor of the Defendant.