South Carolina Legal Mogul Accused of Defrauding Housekeeper’s Family Out of $3 Million

Once the head of a legal empire in Hampton County, South Carolina, Alex Murdaugh now sits behind bars on charges he stole money from his late housekeeper’s estate. The housekeeper died in 2018 following a fall at Murdaugh's home. Murdaugh is charged with keeping nearly $3 million in insurance settlements that belonged to the woman’s estate. The housekeeper’s death was the first of five involving the family. Attorneys in multiple civil cases have asked the court to require Murdaugh to hand over his assets, bank accounts, and insurance policies to independent representatives to ensure he doesn’t engage in further fraud. Read more about the unfolding drama and deaths linked to the family here. At Webb Sanders & Williams, we understand that our clients may have needs other than defense in litigation, and our attorneys are skilled counselors as well as litigators. If your family or business requires legal assistance, please contact our office.