As accident avoidance features such as automatic braking, adaptive cruise control, and lane departure prevention become the norm, it’s not hard to imagine a world filled with self driving cars. While auto manufacturers have announced plans to introduce self-driving cars, wide spread adoption is still decades away. For auto insurance companies, this means they have plenty of time to adapt as self-driving cars could mean lower premiums and lower profits for insurers.
Under a new law, out of state physicians could get licensed to practice in Mississippi more quickly. The law adds Mississippi to an agreement among states to share information and speed up the process to allow physicians to work across state lines. Many medical officials are hoping it attracts physicians to underserved areas. Learn more.
The Department of Labor released it’s  final ruling updating the overtime regulations which will extend overtime pay protection to 4 million workers. The Final Rule focuses primarily on updating the salary and compensation levels needed for Executive, Administrative and Professional workers to be exempt. Specifically, the Final Rule:
President Obama recently signed the Defend Trade Secrets Act, which amends the Economic Espionage Act.
Mekeva Tennort worked as a general cleaner for Rite Way Service, Inc., a janitorial services contractor with Biloxi Junior High School.
Raymond Rodriguez was employed by by Eli Lilly as a pharmaceutical sales rep and was diagnosed with post traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) during his tenure. He applied for leave under the FMLA after a visit to the emergency room. He received notice that his application for leave was approved on October 17, 2013, the day he was terminated.
When Raphael Diaz lost his position as a paralegal instructor at Kaplan College due to Kaplan’s nation-wide reduction in force, he sued Kaplan alleging retaliation under the False Claims Act. Diaz claimed that he was terminated because he alerted Kaplan of a student allegation that another professor was using disingenuous roll keeping practices.
Hiscox London market has launched a new flood product for US homeowners called Flood Plus. They are working with wholesale brokers in the US to distribute the new product. Hiscox’s Flood Plus coverage uses a simpler definition of what constitutes a flood and coverage is available for homeowners across the US with dwellings values of up to $1million.
New Jersey's highest court ruled that two defense lawyers can be prosecuted for attorney misconduct for allegedly spying on a plaintiff's Facebook page. The court did not decide whether the two attorneys, John J.
When the City of Shelby’s Board of Alderman voted to terminate Tracey L. Johnson and David James, Jr. for allegedly profiling, targeting and harassing people, the two former police officers claimed they were fired for refusing to participate in the illegal actions of former individual defendant Harold Billings. They sued claiming that the city violated their substantive and procedural due processing rights and that Billings had maliciously interfered with their employment.
Were you recently on a business trip? Did you get hurt while  setting up your company's booth at a convention or some other work related activity? Worker's compensation is insurance for injuries caused by work.
When Flint, Michigan changed the source of its water supply in 2014, it did not apply corrosion control treatment to the water. This allowed the water to leach lead from pipes resulting in the poisoning of many of the residents including children. Since then, lead poisoning has been at the forefront of the news.
Advocacy-based models for worker’s compensation claims, though actually implemented by few employers, have shown great potential for reducing lawyer involvement, improving medical outcomes, and speeding up workers' return to work.
A disruption in the luxury insurance market is expected after ACE’s 28.3 billion purchase of Chubb.
A company that makes sleep apnea masks has agreed to pay 34.8 million to settle claims that it paid kickbacks to suppliers that sold its product. Philips Respironics Inc. of Murrysville. PA  provided free customer support to suppliers that sold its masks while charging suppliers that used different masks for the same service. In the lawsuit, the federal government claimed that this qualifies as a kickback since suppliers that sold Respironics mask saved an average of $11.88 per customer.
Investigators working on cold cases are exploring beyond government databases and are broadening their DNA searches by demanding information from companies that do ancestry research for their customers.
Children of two elderly decedents sued the nursing homes where they died alleging negligence.  The nursing homes removed the case to federal court. The district court denied the nursing homes’ motion to compel arbitration based on arbitration agreements that the adult children had signed when they admitted their mothers into the nursing homes.
Is your business insured for the zombie apocalypse? What about alien abduction? Will you be covered if a poltergeist sends your office chairs floating around the room?
Not only will Volkswagen have to fix the half a million cars implicated in a recent emissions cheating scandal, it may also have to clean air the diesel cars polluted. Environmental and consumer groups are pushing for high penalties for the German based auto manufacturing company after it installed “defeat devices” on its cars to pass emissions tests in the lab while they exceeded limits on the road.
There are plenty of reasons for an insured to file a fraudulent auto claim and most of them are monetary. Unfortunately, this results in higher premiums for honest drivers.